More Tourists than its Citizens

Iceland, the land of the "Game of Thrones"

Waterfalls of Gulfoss

Reykjavik is the capital of the country on the north by air is very cold, somehow I was always interested in this country, seem far away, but it feels special.

Maybe it several times I write about this country, and it is always interesting, as I read of a lifestyle site, wrote about this country.

They wrote how the audience television series Game of Thrones season three, episode "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", 2013, may feel tempted to visit Iceland, the country was in fact does have a very beautiful natural scenery, like a painting.

Watch the aura of the mountains that provide fresh air to 332 thousand inhabitants, with a special appeal be able to bring 335.522 tourists from the United States, according to the Icelandic Tourism Board, more than the population of Iceland.

And the number of tourists in the presence of the last two years has increased dramatically, for example, travelers from the United States alone, more than doubled so far.

They say that, citing the sites Travel and Leisure, the Icelandic government to apply the rule been more "tourists friendly", tourists are given permission to stay longer, before they depart to other European countries.

This country brings a unique charm, like the Percy Scott, a tourist from America, "Always wanted to go back there, although quite far north."

There are many things that makes the tourists love it, article writing, in addition to the unique natural scenery, the policy of the Icelandic government, culinary, arts and cultural factors also make tourists more interested, tourists come to this country, every year, the group of tourists invade Iceland through Keflavik Airport.

Black Church, Iceland

No wonder when you will see throngs of tourists at the various attractions, such as waterfalls of Gulfoss, Thingvellir National Park and Geysir hot spring baths.

Developing tourism as expected by the Icelandic government, which gave the target of the visit until the end of the year may reach 1.5 million tourists, but on the other hand in the long run, the crowd that turned out to make the most of the population of Iceland was disturbed.

Quoting the sites The Telegraph, Birgitta Jonsdottir, one of the politicians of Iceland.

"It's not like the city belong to me anymore."

Source: E Priherdityo - Indonesia CNN, Travel and Leisure,The Telegraph
Image: V Saver


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