Accidental ‘Mistakes’ When Drinking Whiskey

Whiskey should not be drunk "neat" in the warm weather region

Adriano Zumbo, Sydney

Strong taste of whiskey should be drunk in a proper way so says an expert in this beverage, Keith Nair, brand trainer Southeast Asia. He said that generally there is a different understanding for whiskey lovers, especially for the Southeast Asian region with warmer climates.

In an occasion he visited the cities in the region, including in Jakarta, citing a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, during an event “Toast the Macallan” some time ago, that kind of spice strong food in the region affects the taste of whiskey fans, generally they also like whiskey with a scent that is strong enough.

"Should drink with a mixture of water or ice cubes.

He explained to the area warm climates, whiskey should 'not' be drunk neat, while whiskey neat (plain without any extra) is recommended when taken to the place or region cold climates.

The addition of a few drops of at most a tablespoon of water, changing the alcohol of 40 percent to 35 percent, so the whiskey becomes more light. Likewise, adding ice cubes will freeze and trap the taste of whiskey so became smoother.

Suggestions to enjoy whiskey for new lovers of whiskey

1. The new lovers should drink a little whiskey neat. The aim is to introduce a genuine taste of whiskey into the palette of your tongue.

2. After know the feeling of the original, you can enjoy a whiskey with extra ice or water.

3. The new lovers are also advised to know the genuine aroma of whiskey. Original scent can be smelled fine whiskey glass that is used also when appropriate, the type of rock glass or sherry copita.

4. The glass that is used preferably has an indentation in the glass body, not straight from the bottom up as regular glasses. Indentation in the glass body which enlarged the middle and narrowed at the rim of the glass it has its own function, making the aroma of whiskey alcohol could be smelled perfect.

Further clarification of Nair, "The middle of the enlarged will 'collect' alcohol. While in the neck make alcohol more concentrated glass. While the lips widened will evaporate the alcohol. The goal, for the strong aroma of alcohol which is not directly touching the nose.

5. Pay attention to the rules of the glass is important, because it will work when we want to make whiskey nosing and testing.

Unlike the straight-necked glassware, alcohol aroma of whiskey will gather at the bottle neck and directly touching the nose. As a result, the aroma of alcohol would be too strong on the nose and 'destroy' enjoyment aroma of whiskey.

6. After passing this stage, we can feel the aroma of whiskey, smell the whiskey slowly, and let the aroma filled the entire brain.

Despite these suggestions useful for those who are new to this kind of typical drink, perhaps as a reminder for their old fans, as he says, new fans should not follow the old ways of drinking fans.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Toast the Macallan
Image: Stevi Lee


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