The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Asia

Selection of the travelers who are also foodies

Snacks cloister is the most enjoyable part of the typical food a holiday location, but you do not forget to try the other side of the fine dining restaurants, as well as other eateries, while they are there.

Just believe wherever you choose where to eat, always a fun part of a vacation trip in seeking culinary riches of a tourist area.

Maybe they did not know of the presence of travelers in their restaurant, which can give judgments about the quality of food, maybe one day you come to give ratings, like readers of travel sites, TripAdvisor.

This site announces best restaurants from around the world, particularly in certain regions of the world, such as America, Africa, Asia (including the Middle East and China), and the Pacific, against 528 restaurants around the world, including 25 best fine dining restaurants in the world.

Janice Lee Fang, director of communications for TripAdvisor Asia Pacific to a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia said, "There is also a list of must-try for any occasion, even if you are outside the city but you can still enjoy delicious food and friendly in the bag."

Award in the category of TripAdvisor Asia’s Travelers' Choice Awards 2016 gave us an interesting picture as a recommendation to reach places to eat in the Asian region.

1. DK David's Kitchen at 909, Chiang Mai, Thailand
2. Locavore, Ubud, Indonesia
3. TRB, Beijing, China
4. Restaurant Andre, Singapore
5. Hakushu, Shibuya, Japan

6. Tapas Molecular Bar, Chuo, Japan
7. Cafe des Amis, Pattaya, Thailand
8. Spiral, Manila, Philippines
9. Swept Away at The Samaya Ubud, Indonesia
10. Mandarin Grill, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Well, when you're in the tourist areas of Southeast Asia, several visiting places to eat on the island of Bali, with a cheap meal of tourists from around the world also have a wide range of recommendations to award Travelers' Choice Awards 2016.

1. Fair Warung Balé, Fair Future Foundation, Ubud
2. Putu's Wild Ginger, Ubud
3. Black House Burgers, Kuta
4. Warung Indonesia, Kuta
5. Pronto Pizza, Kuta

6. Melting Wok Warung, Ubud
7. Bene Lane Cafe, Kuta
8. Nugget's Corner, Kuta
9. Warung Little Bird, Sanur
10. Sheppy's Bar and Restaurant, Legian

While the category of the world's best in travel to various parts of the world, TripAdvisor gave recommendations to the best 25 fine dining restaurants worth trying.

Maybe it's the places you've never visited before, but worth considering.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, TripAdvisor
Image: L Priyanti - NY


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