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Cruise tourism is one way to enjoy our trip in a different way, perhaps for some circles that cruise travel is often considered a form of luxury holidays. Other voices say it as a vacation that is flexible, because just being only in the ship.

But a different opinion saying that the cruise tourism it gives an advantage, more efficient in time traveled. Travel on land we wasted about four to six hours just to take care of the immigration process, replace the vehicle, and involved in a jam.

Well, the advantages traveled in a different way using the yacht is considered as an appeal to potential tourists, Mundy Cruising UK-based promotion to invite tourists traveled in the middle of the sea and stopped in towns and tourist destinations around the world for 357 days from Europe to Antarctica.

Travelers know the real pleasure of traveling with the cruise ship, they welcomed the offer of travel packages take cruises around the world for almost a full year. As the quote from the sites detikTravel, Tuesday, October 18, 2016, that the traveler will be invited to travel around the 7 continents rose different 7 cruises throughout the trip worth 125 thousand pounds and already include business class flights, transfer fees and travel costs rose seven cruises.

Let's say we were there, the trip will start from Miami, USA on January 10, 2017 and you'll enjoy the trip by browsing the charm of Latin America, including a visit to a number of exotic destinations such as Machu Picchu in Peru to reach Christo Redentor in Brazil.

These next trip is continental Europe on May 4, 2017 aboard the Nautica cruise, and it is not over, because tourists are still privileged to sail to North America, Australia, Africa, Antarctica to Asia, until the end of the trip in May 2018.

This is an incredible journey, witnessing with our own eyes directly from most hemisphere through the journey over the ocean and perhaps only once in a life in times gone by.

Source: J Randy Prakoso - detikTravel, KompasTravel
Image: A Burhan Amien


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