Stewardess Brings Happiness for Passengers

Stewardess caring can makes air travel more fun

Air passenger satisfaction can complete the satisfaction of tourists who will travel to the places in the world, and when they will return to their respective countries. Air travel is fun and also brings interesting memories when they got home.

A good article at a tourist site, KompasTravel today, the weekend slightly overcast, the clouds seemed to be moving lazily away in space there, an interesting study on the influence of the attention of the flight attendants who provide the best service.

Passengers did please things like this, and a study of 7,000 respondents who are users of aircraft as a mode of transport, becomes an interesting note. Revealed in an article on the sites Lonely Planet, Thursday, October 27, 2016, which provides an overview of passenger satisfaction and happiness.

In general it is envisaged many expectations of the passengers on their way up in the air.

Passenger satisfaction

1. Happiness and satisfaction they gained as cabin crew service - 23 percent of respondents

2. Email notifications directly from the airline about the pre-flight conditions - 21 percent

3. WiFi access in the air is also important for their convenience - 16 percent

4. On long-haul flights, watching a movie becomes a favorite activity - 77 percent

5. Without any disturbance from the air crew in distance flight, and choose to rest - 69 percent

Things most disliked by the Passenger

Be important for all airlines, passengers are less pleased with the inspection section airports, baggage claim, and in-flight entertainment.

1. Passengers must open jackets, belts, including shoes - almost 60 percent of respondents

2. Liability of passengers to separate the laptop from the main bag, as well as other electronic items - 51 percent

3. When in the cabin, the majority of passengers just want to rest and enjoy the in-flight entertainment without any disturbance

Flights have been completed and you might have been at the inn, hotel or hostel, involuntarily flashed a sweet smile of the stewardess, it appears as a small incident. But. Giving a different flavor for passengers, a satisfaction in an air travel.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Lonely Planet
Image: Garuda Indonesia


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