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Virgin Voyages has signed a partnership with Fincantieri

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Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Group that is widely known by the breakthrough in the field of aviation, looked excited to announce the contract with the manufacturer of the Italian cruise ship, Fincantieri.

Virgin Voyages itself is a subsidiary of Virgin Airlines engaged in the cruise ship, citing the sites of The Telegraph on Tuesday, October 19, as is well known then that according to the contract they will make three red cruise ships.

Interesting news on the sites CNN Indonesia further, writing about the first cruise ship with a capacity of 2,700 passengers will begin construction in the next year and is scheduled to be able to set sail in 2020. Then successive vessel into two and all three will be built at 2021 and 2022.

You can imagine then if given the opportunity boarded a cruise ship, and then undergo a cruise travel route from the Port of Miami to the Caribbean Island, and the proper promotion as cruise travel trip is unique and superb.

As Sir Richard Branson said, quoting the site, "The journey will be much different from the existing cruise travel. We will take a cruise to the Virgin style, which has been very attached."

Interesting move from the owner, he will continue to develop business in different directions and see other opportunities, including the latest business move of the Virgin Voyages is to cooperate with Climeon, Swedish company engaged in the management of environment-friendly energy.

This is great with a business associate liner to environmental stewardship, earth deserve protection, and travel at once evoke a sense of continuity of care rating to the age of the earth. Virgin Voyages pioneering trip cruise tourism has become the first to use the concept.

People as well as tourists will see the presence of one draft of Climeon, making a cruise to the Virgin Voyages to reduce pollution as much as 5,400 tons of carbon dioxide annually. Pioneering good in business travel cruise at once care about the environment.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, The Telegraph
Image: Oasis of the Seas via Wikipedia


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