Are You Interested Visiting Museum?

Always there is an important reason to visit the museum

Musée du Louvre, Paris

Famous museums in the world and over time can be the best in the world, we always know where the best museums in the world. One of them is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, or Art Institute of Chicago and even sometimes without realizing you're going to call the Musée du Louvre in Paris.

To be honest this time management or manager of the museum was able to make the museum into one of the interesting sites, no longer be a boring place, so as to attract the presence of tourists from around the world.

I ended this week at a place to drink coffee and read an article from my tablet, at a tourist site, an interview with a leader of the Association of Museum in Jakarta, Wednesday, October 12, 2016, Putu Supadma say there are at least five important reasons to visit the museum.

Of course this is a good reason, as mentioned above, in addition to a place for collections of diverse cultural heritage.

According to him, that the reasons it is important for the public and for tourists.

1. Education

Museum into a center of education, education for the public. Indeed, this reasoning can be accepted, the information collection is diverse, visitors can learn the dynamics of a time past, through the presentation of the tools are exhibited.

2. Inspiration

How museums can provide inspiration from the past, the past glory, like life in the era of empire or past societies. Visitors can explore new ideas after they visited the museum, people can create a dream to fill the present.

3. Cultural House

Museum became the highest cultural house, because the public can see works of culture that once existed in the museum. Build taste and cultural life, make society more organized and disciplined, after understanding how the life of an era that has passed.

4. Civilization

Museum as the home of a noble civilization. The past is opening the way to contemporary civilization and hope into the future.

5. Interaction and Dialogue

Museum into a place of interaction and dialogue. According to Putu, humans can live better, hopeful either. Not only a dialogue about everyday things but dialogue about art and culture, masterpiece, identity and character.

Reasons to be important for human civilization to face the present and the future, and can put the museum as an important space in their lives.

Source: W Adityo Prodjo - KompasTravel, TripAdvisor
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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