La Mafia, Spanish Resto Asked to Closed

"Restaurant La Mafia" was asked to change the name by the representative of the European Union

Café Comercial, Madrid - Illustration. Image Credit Café Comercial

Culinary business in a country is always brings a passion for the perpetrators, considering the efforts in the field of food may involve many parties, and especially the ministry, passion, atmosphere and theme, quality of food, a strategic place and the customer. Of course.

Basically a food business always involves a particular field in the state, according to excerpts from the sites CNN Indonesia, for example, the Ministry of Health of that country, but a different story when the restaurant take a way that is considered unique, though this can be considered as a way of promotion.

An interesting article I read at the weekend, as there are Spanish restaurant chain that provides the name of the restaurant in a different way, taking the popular name of another country, "Restaurant La Mafia".

The name apparently unexpectedly invites objection from the Italian government, and through the European Union's representative, they formally requested that the name was changed. The name should not be used as a dining area within a city.

Quoting the sites The Local, the Italian government has asked the restaurant management to change the name that is considered to show the opposite of moral understanding, followed by Italy over the years.

It became exciting news in Italy, as in for example receive a response from one member of the Italian parliament, Marco Anzaldi to the sites The Daily Meal, "Mafia is not like you see in the movies of the Coppola. Mafia is a form of resistance we will not allow into Italian traits in the eyes of the world."

Of course it is understandable if they complain, because it may had only become designation that occurred in their country, they do not want the impact spread to other countries.

Despite the restaurant network owners and the Spanish authorities have denied that objection, but the decision has been taken by the intellectual property division of the European Union, they are the owners of the restaurant reluctantly must find another name, so they can still serve its customers.

Misunderstandings can indeed happen, "What's in a name?," says Shakespeare of mainland Britain, at a time ago.

Source: Megiza - Indonesia CNN, The Local, The Daily Meal
Image: Café Comercial


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