Holiday did not Prevent Them from Working

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Healthy holiday should indeed be utilized optimally for removing all that is associated with your work, it needs to be recognized and be the basis for anyone to enjoy a holiday in a healthy and sustainable.

But you would be surprised if for some other people, for they do not hinder their holiday from work.

It's a great day when you open a lifestyle site that wrote about it, as is done by a group of hospitality service providers, Holiday Inn, a survey of visitors from the region such as Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, from April to July 2016 with total respondents reached 521 people about the effects of the current work for their vacation moment.

It is true there are people who are still working, and regard the work can be done, even though they are on vacation. They, as much as 56 percent of respondents frequently keep working during the holidays. And, more surprising, because there are still more than 55 percent of respondents say it should be canceled or postponed vacation due to sudden job.

This study gives us a new perspective on people from other geographical locations, people from the Middle East and India are a group of travelers who often cancel holidays when there are jobs, respectively by 47 and 41 percent.

Interesting insight into the human being on earth in view of vacation and work.

1. Frequent keep working during the holidays - 56 percent of respondents

2. Cancel or postpone vacation due to sudden job - more than 55 percent of respondents

3. Geographic (as a group of tourists who canceled vacation when there is work)

Travelers from the Middle East - 47 percent
Travellers from India - 41 percent

4. Gender (most often they work while on vacation)

Travellers men - 57 percent

5. Marital status (affected by the work agenda holiday)

Not married or have children - 63 percent

The above facts give us an idea of how people still think of their work, but are on vacation or immediately start their holiday as planned.

Maybe there are certain things, such as health problems, sleep disorders and stress levels higher. As said by Lucy Goundry, Medical Director of Nuffield Health, in the article which cites from the Daily Mail, "For the first time, clinical results we show how the holiday to help people lower their blood pressure, improve sleep quality, and help your stress level more better."

Vacation proven to give relaxation to the body, healthy mind, improving the way they see each other socially and environmentally, as well as increase personal happiness.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Mail
Image: P Widi Hatmi


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