Intelligent People Tend to Traveling Alone

Based on a survey of the CPM to 15 thousand people, aged 18 to 28 years

Me Time, London

Travelling alone is another form of tourist trips tend to be the moment of 'me time', everyone has their own reason why they want to do it alone.

They, apparently regarded as a form of self-assertion that actual and gave the impression of confidence to express themselves, as written in an article on a website, CNN Indonesia, they are considered in the group of intelligent people, according to research from the British Psychological Society ( BPS).

Other people can give their own argument, whatever it is, form traveling alone does give its own characteristics, especially the majority of actors in the style traveled like this seems to be the younger age range, 18 to 28 years.

The article written quote from a sites Travel and Leisure on Wednesday, October 26, that the study shows that people who live in big cities are not happier than people who live in a small town. You can give a different argument, but the facts giving another reality, for example, the article describes how the factors of happiness in a small town will be increased, if they are used to meet their friends.

Who does not like friendship, living in groups of friends, people who are well known, you yourself will agree, when your life is surrounded by many friends is ideal, but the reality is inversely proportional to that of intelligent people.

BPS showed some facts that can make us understand, the conclusion that most intelligent people tend to be alone, to find the ultimate happiness in their lives.

Articles on the site wrote that intelligence makes them tend to be alone, a habit, even made time to travel, which for most people would be better if lived with friends.

Researchers then gave an overview outline, those who like to travel in this manner, it can be said that intelligent people can be happy in his own way. With aloof, intelligent people will also find the independence to determine his happiness.

Many parties were asked, such as whether people become smarter just to be alone, or whether intelligent people tend not to socialize? But. You yourself believe when a tourist traveling alone, was indeed impressive and give the impression of remarkable for tour players.

They are indeed unique people who like to do it alone, including when traveling without forgetting factor of safety and comfort of themselves. Intelligent or not, in the end they all really cool!

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Marina Bartels


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