Tornadoes Chasing Travel in America

Traveler gets a rare experience to see tornadoes from near

A funnel about to touch down near Eads, Colorado

Extreme Travel has many devotees, especially among some of the tourists in the world, there are many types of tours are included in the category of extreme, and nobody guessed chase hurricanes getting a response from the fans in particular.

The tour operator in the United States seem to see good opportunities, they see there are fans who are challenged to be part of an extreme situation that occurs when a typhoon swept across the region in the Americas. For example, around the city of Denver or some other city in America that are often haunted by dangerous hurricanes phenomenon.

An article on the sites detikTravel, Monday, October 24, 2016, wrote that there are many tour operators there, like Silver Lining Tours, Storm Chasing Adventure Tours, and Extreme Tornado Tours.

Indeed, present an offer from the tour operator, you yourself can imagine how the level of excitement of extreme travel like this, when you get a rare experience to see the hurricane closely, of course with security guarantees from the organizers of the tour.

Throughout the years there have been several tornadoes in the country, the traveler feels like to be part of the bustle of the tornado, but the critical months occurred in May-July 2016 in Denver, Colorado. They say that the middle of the year is the best time to see the tornado in Denver.

"The best moment is when you feel the storm's center, at the best time. We are trying to maintain security of tourists," said a field staff of the tour operator.

There is always the safety standards at the highest level, a traveler will be accompanied by a weather expert who knows about hurricanes to the location, as well as the assistance of a professional driver in a exciting and thrilling journey for six full days.

You'll know when travel packages were sold at a price of USD 2,300 as this is dangerous, so that the risk consideration for the tourists, participants will be invited to the pursuit of a hurricane to a safe limit. And, believe that the tour participants will have the opportunity to 'selfie' and another photo opportunity.

This is a stressful travel experience while stimulating adrenaline from your body. Great!

As a quote on one of the website of Silver Lining Tours who wrote, "Are you ready for the atmospheric adventure of a lifetime?"

Source: J Randy Prakoso – detikTravel
Image: Stefan Klein via Wikipedia


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