Facts that You May Not Know About Airplane - 2

Indeed, until now only those pilots and cabin crew who know

Aboard airplane is a large selection of holiday fun when you live, is always an option, but there are interesting things going you know later. Especially when you are in the aircraft cabin, it turns out there are certain things that can be a concern of passengers and tourists.

In the previous article 4 facts presented about the situation in the aircraft cabin, this is the second part of a quote on travel sites, KompasTravel, today. Other interesting facts on the plane unknown by tourists, except for pilots and cabin crew.

Here are the fifth facts, the sixth ... and so on.

5. Why does the cabin crew turn off the lights when going to land?

Yes, the cabin crew must have turned off the lights in the main passenger cabin. This is essential when in night landing.

Some cases, the aircraft landed with imperfect and passengers had to be evacuated. The cabin deliberately dim that passengers accustomed to the dark mood. Flight attendants are also surely asking you to open the window blinds wide open time of the landing. This is so that you see and know the condition outside air.

6. What is the small hole in the plane window?

Indeed there at the window of the plane with a small hole at the bottom. The hole is a pressure regulator on the cabin.

The majority of aircraft using the glass window of three layers, the outermost layer is useful for protecting the cabin of the aircraft while keeping the pressure in the cabin. If there is damage to the glass outer portion, there is still a second glass as a protective layer of cabin pressure.

The tiny holes in the inner layer of glass is useful as a regulator of pressure in the cabin, so that the middle layer of glass is not damaged even if the outer glass is not functioning.

7. Why is the plane food in the minimal sense?

It's real. The airlines have done their best, the chéf, or a flight attendant whose job is to distribute the food with sincere.

Research from Cornell University in 2005, as quoted by TIME reveals that the aircraft cabin environment that influence the taste of food.

You'll know when the sweet foods become noticeably less sweet, nor salty foods. Dry air (not humid like on the land) can cause the food to be bland taste.

8. Oxygen Masks

One thing that had not been told the flight attendant about the use of that masks. Although before takeoff, a flight attendant advised their passengers to use oxygen masks in the cabin when the pressure is reduced.

Each oxygen mask just have an oxygen supply for 15 minutes, especially in emergencies, 15 minutes is a little time. So it is highly advisable to use an oxygen mask wisely.

Thus eight interesting facts continue the first part of the article prior to this, they are the workers in the air do the best for the passenger and certainly for tourists. And. Have a safe flight!

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Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Travel and Leisure
Image: Singapore Airlines


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