Where is the Best State Tourism Destination 2017?

This month is a good time to plan a sightseeing trip in the future

Air Balloon over Bagan, Myanmar

The best tourist destinations in the world can indeed be the selection of a traveler, let's say you're a traveler with more friends in a hangout moments in a place to drink, and a plan trips, and the choice is often based on the opinion of most of your friends.

All will forget where the best tourist attractions, although sometimes a consideration in talks names of the best tourist spot is always called.

"I want to travel to the coast of blue water …" as soon as one of your friends. Generally, your friends always loved the sea and the beach. Wherever it is, even the proposed sites to get to a place that may be less well known.

Well, this time a site travel guide, Lonely Planet is regularly re-issued the list in October each year, based on the experience of travel authors.

I quote a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, wrote about the list of The Lonely Planet Traveller 2017, this certainly is the form of advice for travelers who want to quickly decide a number of the top tourist destinations in the world for the next year.

Lonely Planet says every tourist destination has its own characteristics, unique and there are always new, "Of course the places chosen are unique and have a good development. There are many new things that travelers can do there.

You will agree to some of the country name in accordance travel destination list issued by the site, for example, Canada as the country with the most beautiful natural scenery that is worth a visit.

The article describes the countries of destination with its unique advantages, Canada has 46 national parks spread across a number of territories, from Vancouver, Montreal to Toronto as well as residents who also called friendly towards tourists.

Perhaps it can be approved by tourists, and consider a list of the best travel destination country version of The Lonely Planet Traveller 2017 in the upcoming trip.


1. Canada
2. Colombia
3. Finland
4. Dominican
5. Nepal

6. Bermuda
7. Mongolia
8. Oman
9. Myanmar
10. Ethiopia


1. Bordeaux, France
2. Cape Town, South Africa
3. Los Angeles, United States
4. Merida, Mexico
5. Ohrid, Macedonia

6. Pistoia, Italy
7. Seoul, South Korea
8. Lisbon, Portugal
9. Moscow, Russia
10. Portland, United States

Travelers get a broader picture when choosing places of tourist destinations next year, and you will agree with your friends while enjoying a cup of coffee and a slice of white cake on a cozy afternoon.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: V Saver


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