Raja Ampat Following Shown in Times Square

After four billboards of other Indonesian tourism icon

Wayag Islands, Raja Ampat, West Papua

Exotic destinations and the most beautiful diving spots in the world, so embedded in the minds of the tourists in general, and in particular diving enthusiasts.

Nautical tourism which is able stored in the memory of the tourists who have visited this region.

Feel the aroma of the islands of Wayag area, greenish turquoise seawater containing marine biota of the richest in the world, small boats that passed by the imperious, kelp bobbing lazily in the breeze, the little birds singing around you, and coral sea in the distance of the cliffs on small islands.

Citing articles from the tourist sites, KompasTravel, Raja Ampat has 540 species of coral reefs and 75 percent of coral reefs in the world is in Raja Ampat, this is in line with the slogan written in the Ministry of Tourism, the "Escape to a Magic Place".

Well, after you see the presence of four billboard icon of tourism in Indonesia in the main area of Times Square, New York, ie the G-Land Coast in Banyuwangi, Gebogan in Bali, Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo, and Borobudur Temple in Central Java, then starting from the date October 3 to October 30, 2016 was attended by the billboard, measuring 36 x 85 feet of Raja Ampat in 5 Times Square and 42nd (Panel 5) F/N for a period of almost a full month.

Serious efforts of the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia to attract the attention of tourists from the United States to visit the islands of Indonesia, and are selected based on United States traveler preferences.

Komodo dragon ads in Times Square, New York

Tourism product promotion does require foresight of its own, including in choosing of Times Square, and became its own history for the Indonesian tourism in the United States.

As an explanation of the Head of Communications Media, Elizabeth Hutagaol, "Times Square is the point at tourists in the world who visit New York. Also the place up and down the people of New York and there is also a product of the world advertise. This is the first time to advertise the form of outdoor media in the United States."

I thought it was about time, travelers from the United States looked at other tourist areas elsewhere in the world, Indonesia, and Indonesia is not only Bali. As the story of a friend, tourists from the United States likes to see the activities of local culture and unique things that can not be seen anywhere else, and for example they well worth a visit to Komodo Island to see the prehistoric creatures, Komodo.

Travellers from the United States likes to travel, leisure travel to adventure, and I think once they arrive, they will love it.

Source: WA Prodjo - KompasTravel, Ministry of Tourism Indonesia
Image: Ministry of Tourism Indonesia, Susetyohadi Utomo


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