America Has Best Whiskey in the World

Scottish or Irish whiskey must pull over as the best drink in the world

Booker's Rye

American whiskey apparently has received great attention from the observer of drinks types of spirits, after unexpectedly by them before, that Taiwan is known as the owner of the best whiskey in the past year.

They observer this type of drink is that issued the rank of Jim Murray's Whisky Bible, you can read on the book of whiskey edition 2017.

This is exciting news at the weekend, gained from a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, they write that there is a type of whiskey from America that just get rid of other hundreds of alcoholic beverages spirits types, these drinks are known as Booker's Rye, although its owners Beam Suntory, the alcohol companies origin from Japan.

Further written that this drink comes from Kentucky and are 13 years of production to their loyal fans, you can obtain Booker's Rye that can be acquired for US$ 300, and as records of Murray, he impressed, this whiskey is "surprising example of a grandeur and genius in terms the actual meaning of whiskey."

Similarly, he expressed a positive impression on these drinks, because the manufacturer does not stop creating in its processing, resulting in a special flavor. They did not give up, when it was no longer in the top position since 2013. That time they recognize the severity of other whiskey production, namely whiskey from Thomas H Handy Sazerac Rye took home the trophy as the best.

All right, you may wonder why they are so good in production this year, they, Booker's pack their best whiskey with alcohol that is quite high compared to other spirits, ie 68.1 per cent ABV (Alcohol by Volume), quite bold and calculating, as other products of most whiskey using the dose at 40 percent.

Booker's Rye is indeed worthy of the award this year, as written in the book of whiskey, citing the site FoxNews, Murray added, that the taste of this whiskey is very balanced between wood and oak mixed in a fairly long process.

"It feels very spicy whiskey and has a strong scent, but not excessive."

Source: Megiza - CNN Indonesia
Image: Beam Suntory


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