Australian Traveler Likes the Extreme Challenge

They like the crazy things while on vacation

Trail run in the mountain

“Crazy adventure” or more appropriately carried out by the extreme adventure travelers with specific interests deserved occur at any time without being asked, especially in a tourist trip to a nature wild environment.

Variety of travelers in the world, they have different interests, and you're going to bother when dealing with a special type who enjoyed nature at the same time present an element of adventure, if necessary, a little crazy, it's so much better by them.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance, an insurance agency trips, conducted a study and then that two-thirds of the 1,000 Australians surveyed admitted to doing crazy things while on vacation.

You know they do strange things, and make anyone feel shocked, among others in general is naked swimming, jumping off the cliff, down the river with the tires, get a tattoo or piercing, and drinking too much. You’ll be surprised, because they will be affected more than half require medical assistance, the remaining 36 percent were injured.

I cite an article in the tourist sites that write about it, KompasTravel, that there are media such as social media drives them want to do something different, and if necessary, the more bizarre the more crazy, it was much better.

As said by Dr Jennie Small, from the University of Technology Sydney, quoting from the sites of, "Social media and the need to document vacation experiences definitely have added to pressures for Australian tourists. It encourages fellow tourists for vying to outdo each other in terms of status (in social media)."

Of course the impact is filing insurance claims accident while they traveled, 14 percent of Australian tourists claimed they had contacted the insurance company, as a result of the "crazy" act during the holidays.

The article shows the experience of a tourist in New South Wales, Dylan Catzikiris, 20, 'just want to ride’ the shopping cart, the accident occurred, the trolley goes into the ditch, and he had a collision on the collarbone. Lucky for him, because he has health insurance for hospital fees of 20,000 Australian dollars.

Indeed, tourists should check their insurance before engaging in risky activities abroad, regardless travel pleasure experience with a desire to engage in activities that can trigger adrenaline.

Source: W Adityo Prodjo - KompasTravel,
Image: N Ginting


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