Why Choose Seat in Aisle or Window Close?

The question that is often confusing, even for frequent travelers

New York from the Window

For the frequent travelers did things like go away, until the time comes at the check-in counter desk, sometimes you yourself feel confused. Want to select seats next to nowhere, near a window or in the aisle?

There is always a consideration for certain passengers, citing travel sites, KompasTravel, because other types of passengers that are not too choose, wherever they sit down later.

"I could sit anywhere, depending on time of flight."

They, included in the category of smart, could have chosen near the window, because they wanted to rest and sleep, especially short-haul flights. In contrast to the long-haul flights, they just want to sit in the aisle.

Seats in the Aisle.

- Long-haul flights. Flexibility yourself so you can easily stand up and take a walk around the cabin, and when you want to go to the toilet several times. You do not need to pass another passenger sitting next to you.
- Maybe you're on a connecting flight, so that the need to quickly get out of the plane to be on time to the next flight.
- You are high and need extra room to stretch your legs out.
- You are in economy class flights and budget airlines, so it needs extra room to stretch your legs.
- You are afraid of the narrow space.
- You need easy access to bags placed in the aircraft cabin.

Seats near the window.

- You really want to rest and sleep. Head can lean on the cabin 'wall'.
- You did not wake when the other passengers want to go to the toilet.
- You fly into the area with impressive geographical features, for example, to the mountainous region.
- You fly with a baby that requires a private room for breastfeeding.
- You fly with small children under five years old/toddlers. The little one would love to see a cloud and land elevation.
- You do not want to get hit passengers passing or stroller food belonging to the cabin crew.

Those who choose a seat always with consideration, and previous experience with the aircraft. All can take place and the trip will be fun.

Source: KompasTravel
Image: L Priyanti


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