10 Google Search Destinations 2016

Tourist destinations or cities in the world are popular on Google this year

The Central Park, New York

Year-end holidays approaching and you can not wait for a variety of exciting moments, I think you have prepared several options to travel end of the year.

Google's strength in providing answers to the many questions from internet users making it a popular device that continues to be used. So do not be surprised if Google makes a lot of reviews about the search, for example, as review in travel sites, KompasTravel, today, refers to the destinations in the world that are popular in the Google search site in 2016.

You know if you currently use social media are also more massive, such as Instagram social media sites that provide information cities in the world are always downloaded to the site, as a form of favoritism taste of its users.

Google also has a list of destinations in the world that is so popular this year, and the most requested by users of the internet, for example the 10 destinations most requested, as reviewed on the sites Travel and Leisure, Wednesday, December 14th.

Cities and countries around the world as an attractive tourist destination in a Google search in 2016.

1. New York City, United States

The “Big Apple” is always ranks top three in search and in other references on social media sites, such as Instagram.

2. Washington DC, USA

Being attractive in the eyes of users, including the nation's capital will be a witness during the inauguration of the new president of the United States in January 2017.

3. London, England

Big Ben, London

The foggy big city has always received the attention of users and tourists the world, the capital of the country of Queen Elizabeth.

4. Hong Kong

One of the city and country which occupies an interesting position in search sites, cities in China that still has its own uniqueness in the eyes of tourists.

5. Thailand

Especially the city of Bangkok is a favorite of travelers in the search as well as the most popular in 2016 based on Mastercard Global Destinations Cities Index, a city with a distinctive cultural appeal of Southeast Asia.

6. Maui, Hawaii

Charming tourist region in Pacific Ocean, one of the favorites of the tourists with the unique cultural, natural and white sandy beaches.

7. Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

The capital city is one of the popular search in the world, no doubt with a variety of attractions grandeur of the Roman Empire in the past.

8. Vancouver, Canada

One of the cleanest cities in Canada, comfortable as a part of nature tourism in the world, and received positive attention from the tourists as well as Internet users.

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Located in the south part of the American continent, but has the unique charm of the cultural, culinary, natural and the famous tourist events of the world, such as the Carnival in Rio.

10. Mexico City, Mexico

The capital of Mexico that has many tourist attractions, cultural and culinary pleasures typical Latin American style.

You know when countries, cities or island that became a tourist destination has indeed been widely known by Internet users and tourists of the world.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Travel and Leisure
Image: L Priyanti, P Djayasupena, M Paath Djojonegoro


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