Year-End Celebrations, Cologne Tightens Security

Events associated with the proliferation of sexual harassment

Cathedral of Cologne

Year-end celebrations in various cities seemed to be crowded with a variety of events to assemble the whole town, will certainly get a response from various parties, locals including migrants, and tourists.

Behind the hustle things like this, it always happens clash of cultures, differences in the perception of the public culture of a city on the European continent in the eyes of immigrants from other countries.

Events that could enliven the international media is an event a year ago, citing the sites of AFP, many women who claimed to be victims of sexual abuse by immigrants while attending the celebration.

Striking events is in the city of Cologne, Germany, so review a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, December 13th, making the Cologne city government will tighten the security police, the placement of surveillance cameras and narrow area of the fireworks.

Anticipating better to avoid more casualties, thus reducing criticism to the decision of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who loosened the rules of immigrants.

Cologne city government did a lot of preparation, Juergen Mathies, Chief of Police, said that as many as 1,500 of their members will be deployed on the streets. The amount is more than 140 members last year, in order to avoid accusations protect the citizens to the maximum.

"Events like this should not happen again."

Tourists who are visiting certainly do not have to worry excessively, security and comfort for anyone who wants to celebrate the end of year party, hundreds of surveillance cameras will also be at the center of the crowd, along with a camera in a police uniform.

Street Musician of Cologne - Image credit E Wijshijer

You can visit the crowds in the city center, even a hangout location or in the surrounding area of Dom Cathedral, and in the central region of transportation.

However, Mayor of Cologne Henriette Reker also added that there are some areas where the fireworks should not be lit for security reasons.

Security a concern of all, for a similar event occurred nearly in other cities in Germany, in view of reports about 1,200 criminal reports during the celebration of the New Year, and 500 of them are reporting sexual abuse.

It is appropriate celebration of the end of this year can take more pleasant place for anyone, especially the townspeople and the tourists.

Source: E Priherdityo – CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: W Sjahran


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