"Where is Bali?"

And a variety of the most popular travel questions in Google

Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Peninsula, Bali

Method of searching a keyword from a question on the internet, or more precisely, as is often heard from many friends is "Ask Google", and finally you know something without the need to open a book or a map of the world in school or at home. Great!

Such is the case now, an interesting review by a travel website, KompasTravel, you can find out the location of a place, you only need to browse the internet, and mission accomplished.

This time, Google kindly by summarizing some questions about travel most requested in 2016, as the quote of travel sites, Travel and Leisure, Wednesday, December 14, yesterday. Here are some of the questions.

1. Where is Bali?

Being one of the top questions, Bali became part of Indonesia precisely the middle. The island is located between the islands of Java and Lombok Island.

2. What to do in Vegas?

A world-famous city in Nevada, USA, with a row of casinos and music concerts are held regularly.

3. What to do in San Francisco?

You know about the Golden Gate Bridge, right, because this is where it is located. You can visited their very famous Tartine Bakery.

4. Where is Corfu?

The island belongs to the administrative region of Greece, the exotic island on the coast of Albania. Island row of whitewashed houses and a beautiful castle.

5. What to do in Orlando?

The town is popular with visits reached 66 million people in 2015, including a preferred region is of course Walt Disney World.

6. Where is Bora Bora?

The string of coral islands to the territory of French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean, where the famous maritime destination of the most beautiful in the world.

7. What to do in Miami?

Pleasant place to sunbathe on the beach and surfing. Miami is also famous as a city of art, so the Museum Park not to be missed.

8. How many ounces can you take on a plane?

The question similar to "How much water can be brought into the plane?". And the regulation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the water in the container has a maximum weight of 3.4 ounces (100 ml).

9. What to do in Myrtle Beach?

This area is located in South Carolina, USA, and is famous for crowd entertainment along the way. The beach is a favorite of American citizens during the summer.

10. Where is the Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon National Park is located in the State of Arizona, the United States is not far from the Utah border.

Indeed there are many other questions, but you can already guess how the shape of other questions. Always interesting to ask Google, isn’t it?

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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