'Five Star' Toilet Preferred by Tourists in China

Often the word 'toilet' rating raised eyebrows of the tourists

A bidet on the toilet, illustration - Image credit Lenilucho

Holidays in China become something exotic for tourists from America and Europe, for those Chinese mainland has always been something interesting and mysteries that need to be revealed.

But. Excitement traveled to this China mainland often face unique things that make the tourists a little ‘annoyed’, when they wanted to go to the toilet or washroom.

I can understand it, and as the same review on a site, CNN Indonesia, today, the toilets in China often make tourists filed a complaint. Why?

You'll know, they write that the toilet is used as a place to meet ‘the call of nature’ in the morning, often dirty, even the public restrooms located in major cities there are sometimes not equipped with doors. Imagine when you were inside, when 'major parts' of yours were carrying out their duties, someone saw it freely.

It was a little annoying, isn’t it? Haha.

They said, the toilets in China, usually a squat toilet, those found in the tourist area with complete perfunctory, the model is found in many Asian countries, while most of the tourists came from European countries or the United States, they were expecting modern seating toilet, and can only be found in the hotel and a large mall.

And, you immediately know if a lot of complaints about the toilet, the Chinese government immediately responded, they held a toilet 'revolution', it’s serious, they are now renovating public toilets with five-star amenities.

One of them, you can see in Bishan District, Chongqing Province. Other article citations, Oddity Central, wrote that the toilet measuring 150 square meters that has the amenities and comfort of a toilet in hotels at a cost of 800 thousand yuan, that's good.

You will be amazed, come in and feel the marble floors with mahogany doors and elegant wall paper. Inside the toilet there was a crystal chandelier and a sofa that makes people linger at home.

Local governments in Bishan serious enough in receiving tourists, because the toilet is also equipped with heaters during the winter, and in summer the air conditioning will maintain the air temperature at the temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.

The right time to take a vacation when tourists are spoiled, no more squat toilet, but modern toilet with temperature control knob on the toilet seat, is also a key regulator of the water pressure, even music playing for 24 hours.

As one user of the toilet, Xu Wan said, the most impressive facility is a large glass overlooking the garden which is one-way, so the only transparent from the inside.

"We can see beautiful scenery while on the toilet, not only the walls as long as this is in a public toilet."

After Bishan began the first, then in Xiamen, and other places soon followed.

Source: L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Oddity Central
Image: Lenilucho via Wikipedia


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