Feeling Tired When "Traveling"?

Long walks to the tourist attractions, especially abroad can be draining

Dreamland Beach, Bali

Travel itinerary densities can occur when you are traveling to other cities or abroad, when power is on the wane, then another danger awaits. You could fall ill.

A tourist sites discuss how to overcome fatigue and boost energy instantly.


This was disclosed by Andrew Gallup, PhD, a researcher at Princeton University, that yawning is the way the body and nourishes the brain, making the brain to be 'vigilant'.

Move your body

This method is good enough, because someone is walking for 10 minutes can get re-energized body effect for two hours.

Isn’t it worth a try?

Watching Youtube

Correct. Youtube provides a lot funny videos. You deserve a laugh because it can raise blood pressure and stimulate the heart.

You could spur the spirit and energy when you feel sluggish by finding a variety of other videos that make the adrenaline in your body rise.

See something red

Good therapy of a study, that saw a red object could boost your spirits. Light colors can make your muscles work faster and harder.


This action makes the body gets extra energy. For example, a routine warm-up before exercise.


Of course it is beneficial, because that's what happened. A polling of sites Health.com mention 58 percent of women feel more energized after a workout.

You can avail the facilities of the hotel fitness center, as provided for guests. You can also choose to swim activity that field is available on-site.

Eating nutritious foods

This is obtained through research, Omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish and nuts may improve mood and brain function.

You can enjoy at breakfast in the hotel, and do not hesitate to use this moment to eat nutritious foods.

All the activity and effort you do in a sightseeing trip, deserve attention. You do not want to fall ill, and travel is still some promise fun the next day.

Source: Ni Luh Made Pertiwi - KompasTravel, Travel and Leisure
Image: Th Hermanus


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