Trump became Luck Amulet for the citizens of Japan

Welcoming 2017, they pray at the shrine with amulet-faced of Donald Trump

Battledore decoration, hagoita - Image credit katorisi

"Make America Great Again" later known by the citizens of the world previously used by Donald Trump in an exciting election campaign last November, apparently to inspire the Japanese people.

Then it became popular in the country, so that they, whoever started first, in welcoming the coming year, 2017, their unique tradition of praying in the temple and buy a repellent reinforcements as a good luck charm.

You know, it's a good luck charm-faced of Donald Trump!

Become the review many international media, among other sites, CNN Indonesia, today, they wrote that the amulet given written persuasive form of hope, 'for the earth to be a better place in the next year.'

Another article, AFP wrote that Trump is not the only celebrity whose head painted on a wooden luck charms called "hagoita", though now shown to the Trump-faced talisman quickly became popular.

Despite some famous people whose face had been a talisman, among others, British Prime Minister Theresa May, the Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike, Japan's Nobel-winning health, Yoshinori Ohsumi, as well as the Japanese athletes Olympic gold medal winner.

The designer who created the hagoita Trump 'face-like' amulet, Yukari Suga said, "I'm trying to make it as similar as possible to the original figures, so every little detail I give full attention."

You may know that in the beginning, hagoita often used as befits a game similar to badminton racket, named hanetsuki. Shaped like a box, but later used as a talisman of luck with the faces of the kabuki mask-art theater players.

They hope Trump can drive away the bad luck and make the world more great, said Hisatoshi Yokoyama, Executive Manager Kyugetsu, hagoita manufacturer.

"Donald Trump is very popular, especially in 2017 is the moment of his inauguration as president."

So it goes, Trump got the luck, in addition to the talisman-faced like himself, a rubber mask face as a Donald Trump also popular in Japan. And, wait for other products will soon follow, you might be able to guess what it will be.

Source: L Kertopati – CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: katorisi via Wikipedia


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