Hawaii Become Healthiest Destinations in America

Hawaii was crowned The Healthiest State in America in 2016

Fleming Beach, Maui, Hawaii - Image credit W Nowicki

America as a dream destination for many people, some tourists say the world has always had a desire to be able to travel to the magnificent places in various cities across America.

Maybe they always wanted destination specific cities, following reviews on the site CNN Indonesia, today, like New York always occupy a central place as an attractive place to celebrate the end of the year.

But you can think differently this time could be a vacation destination, why not choose Hawaii for a vacation. American states it is not just the beach and the beautiful waves, but also there are many other things that you can get here.

The State was crowned as the Healthiest State in the United States this year, such as Lonely Planet reviews on the site, and apparently not the first time Hawaii to get the title, but Hawaii has become the healthiest state in America for five consecutive years.

As noted in the report of the United Health Foundation's 27th Annual America's Health Rankings put Hawaii in the first position, followed by the second and the next are Massachusetts, Connecticut, Minnesota and Vermont.

It was a remarkable achievement by 34 parameters as a benchmark, that matters as the following example, the community and the environment, behavior, policy, clinical care data to look at health holistically citizens.

I think the Americans can understand this, they know, Hawaii became states healthiest. They, the people of Hawaii more activities are dominated by outdoor activities, such as swimming, surfing, picnics, or fishing with family and friends.

When you visit this state, as the average traveler will not spend time in vain to be indoors. Come enjoy the natural surrounding cultures, they Hawaii residents seemed ready to accept the presence of tourists in their islands.

True, when you were holidays in Hawaii, it is unusual to see tourists hiking and climbing, surfing, snorkeling, or diving see a variety of fish and sea turtles.

Hawaii, is interesting with its natural state, oceans, land and islands, horseback riding along with the paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy), eat a variety of fresh exotic fruits and a variety of vegetables.

I thought, this is acceptable. They actually really healthy one with nature.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: Wikipedia


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