Gangs of Rats invade Paris

The city authorities to fight against hordes of rats who crowded the park and the city streets

A river rat - Image credit Michael Palmer

'Ratatouille' is the title of a 2007 movie that depicts a cute and intelligent rat, who does not like it? Even told the rat managed to become a cook in one of the famous restaurants in Paris.

This time in the real world, the city of Paris were great difficulties, because of the hordes of rats who crowded the city, so the city government to make a statement that they had exceeded the number of men, citing the sites AFP on Wednesday, December 7th.

"To reduce the number of rat population in Paris, will soon be doing every affirmative action in some major regions."

The daily reality is different, reviews a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, December 11, that the townspeople began disgusted by the presence of hordes of rats, especially after a photo of a rat that was scratching the ground in the park across from the Louvre Museum was published in newspapers one media foreigners in 2014.

Now that you know when to be able to exterminate the rats is not possible, the sound of the official statement, but the attempt to reduce them will be the focus.

Concerns natural that this should be done, citing a statement from a pest management company in there to give a comparison, if there are two mice for one man there. This means that if the current population of Paris reached more than 2 million people, the rat population is estimated at two time.

Many attempts were made by the city government, such as cleaning of underground culverts, displacing breeding grounds and trap them.

Paris street - Image credit M Paath Djojonegoro

No need to wonder when you are traveling in Paris, can see the bustle of the city authorities, they will be present in certain places, a number of points which is suspected of being a gathering place for gangs of rats in the city's parks are already being watched.

And, the trap was already installed. Do not be surprised when you see them catch the rat and then taken to the truck container.

Even the famous tourist attraction, the Eiffel Tower, become one of the 'Rats Buster' officers, including in the surrounding area.

True, what may make for anyone, citizens and tourists, Paris city government has made the announcement for anyone to always maintain cleanliness.

And, of course, do not throw wet manifold garbage on the street.

Source: E Priherdityo – CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: Michael Palmer via Wikipedia


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