Best Time To New Zealand and Southern Hemisphere

This is the best times to the region of the country south of the equator

The Hobbit Tour in Air New Zealand

Vacation to the southern hemisphere can you do with considering the comfortable weather, and this is the moments before entering the end of the year.

A cabin crew of an airline, citing articles in a tourist site, KompasTravel, December 12, at the time the plane will land at the airport in Auckland, New Zealand. Serious look on her face, and seemed to want to persuade the passengers can enjoy their holiday in the country in the southern part of the earth.

But. I believe the suggestions of the cabin crew was sincere and so real, some did suggest the best time to travel in New Zealand is during the summer, which is December to February.

This country, New Zealand is located in the east of Australia, if you open a map of the world, is in the south as Australia, in contrast to Europe, Australia and other areas in the southern hemisphere of the equator experience the summer at the end of the year.

As the quote from the article, Emma O'Reilly, PR Advisor of Tourism New Zealand, "It's another season of bustling traffic, because already in the summer. People generally come in the summer because the weather is just right, not cold."

You need not be surprised if the southern area of interest of the tourists, due to the summer. Even so if you are there, then the average temperature during the day in the range of 20 degrees Celsius. While at night in the range of 12 degrees Celsius.

Who does not like it, because the southern region are in relatively warm weather, rather than face the winter in the north.

Auckland - Image credit D Veryano

Crowds of tourists in the southern countries, such as New Zealand, various attractions will be filled with tourists reached 2,500 people per day, Hobbiton Movie Set, location shooting Hollywood film trilogy "Lord of the Rings" that was so crowded in the summer.

For tourists who are visiting in the summer, so you should book hotels, rental cars, even booking entrance fee or attractions ahead of time.

Despite the nice weather at the moment, the countries of the southern region also experiences four seasons, for example when the fall sometime in March-April with a row of trees brown, and tourist visits that are not too dense.

Emma O'Reilly later added that in the spring, "Flowers are blooming. Very pretty."

Source: Ni Luh Made Pertiwi - KompasTravel, Tourism New Zealand
Image: Air New Zealand


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