Insanely Food Markup Price in Aircraft

The food menu compared to the same types of food at the supermarket

The menu in airlines

The food on the plane often becomes one of the activities carried out by the passengers when they travel in long-distance flights. Eating is considered as a way to kill time, even if temporary.

But. That's what happened to the passengers, they have no other choice, isn’t it? Sometimes for passengers who travel frequently, they are anticipated to bring snacks or something to eat while in the cabin.

Well, even so sometimes the desire to eat is always present in the subconscious, you wanted to order food when the flight attendant offers a variety of foods. Believe me, this is very tempting, and you immediately ordered them.

When the meal began to enter into the oral cavity, you immediately know that the food is ‘not too special’, and immediately present new risks.

Prices of food offered on planes and trains are usually much more expensive, even through a study, the food prices have gone through the process of mark-up like crazy.

Recent research from the ICE Currency Exchange, reviewed by lifestyle sites, CNN Indonesia, the food menu 'on board' on planes and trains compared to the same types of foods in the supermarket prove far more costly.

Reviewed on the other sites, Lonely Planet that is generally known some beverages, especially alcohol, is usually much more expensive. The average price per bottle price in the mark-up varies, one bottle of water obtained price mark-up reaching 273 percent in the aircraft, and 247 percent on the train.

Some items of food and other drinks, on average got a hike, a beer price could be 382 percent higher in the air, and 287 percent on the train, as well as for a bottle of wine 187 ml obtain a mark-up to 153 percent on the plane and 137 percent on the train.

Now you can try snacks, cheaper on the train than on a plane, even though it is still more expensive than the prices in the supermarket. Chips on the train have increased prices by 42 percent, while in the aircraft could reach 126 percent, then the chocolate bar usually obtain a mark-up to 51 percent on the train, while in the aircraft could reach 123 percent.

Say, you want to get something that is 'cheap'. There are candy sweets with an increase in price by 114 percent rather than 31 percent increase in the train.

Food in a trip can also give the impression for many tourists, including their ‘great’ price.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet, ICE
Image: L Priyanti - NY


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