Countries in Europe Known 'Always' Feel Sad

You’ll feel strange, but just what happened in Portugal

Typical fado tavern, Museum in Lisbon - Image credit pt:Usuário:nemracc

Denmark has been recognized by many tourists as well as the public at large in the world as the happiest country in the world, it is in accordance with the indices of the various parameters of happiness.

Interesting article I read this afternoon, imagine if you were visiting a place where people behave on the contrary, they are there often feel sad.

Portugal, a country which looks ‘sad’, according to the index of the World Happiness Report released by the United Nations, Portugal ranks 93 out of 157 countries, so that the assumptions of the index, it can be said the people of this country was not exactly happy, even if it turns out no reason otherwise.

According to the sites detikTravel, Wednesday, December 7th, and another quote from the sites BBC, wrote the impression of a tourist from the United States that have come directly to this country.

Eric Weiner, said that he wanted to come alone to Portugal, and find the reason why the people of Portugal have a melancholy culture that makes them often look 'upset'.

He said the Portugal very rarely say, these days are so bright, and instead consider the days passed as usual or mais ou menos in Portuguese, when asked about the weather.

A local psychologist, Mariana Miranda, about the melancholy Portuguese culture, when sadness is an important part of life that should not be avoided.

"I want to feel things in different ways. Why paint a picture of just one color only? When humans try to avoid grief in different ways, we slowed ourselves. Actually there is a lot of beauty in sadness."

Lisbon Bridge - Image credit Matt Perich, Lausanne

That's how you have to understand, they are lovers of sadness, there is even a special word of Portuguese, saudade, a feeling for someone or a place with a million memories.

And you will never find an appropriate match for words in English or other languages.

Try deeper, you will find a sad and melancholic music genre in this country, Fado. Fado has a specific meaning, namely the fate of which refers to the beauty in sadness.

Once you understand the unique culture of the people of Portugal, there are many surprises in life, isn’t it?

As believed by them and now also for the tourists who come, a hidden beauty in sadness, the opposite of pleasure or happiness.

I think this is the time for me to made a poem.

Source: J Randy Prakoso - detikTravel, BBC
Image: Wikipedia


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