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Traveled without having to go to hospital after

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Staying healthy while traveling, once completed and returned home to stay healthy, it is hope for anyone who likes travel activity. Reviews interesting in a lifestyle site, I read today.

Who wants to suffer from sick? You have taken the trouble of a long journey, and the body remains healthy. Interesting suggestions I get from a site, 1000TravelTips, that gives tips on travel and tourism players anyone can maintain their health.

1. Injectable vaccine

You can ensure health conditions, prior to departing or in transit. As noted on the site Travelvax, injectable vaccine before coming to a country like Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Fiji. Consultation with a doctor type of vaccine is needed.

2. Avoid insect bites

Need a little prudence, one mosquito bites not only cause itching or bumps, because it can be a variety of diseases, such as malaria, dengue fever or even zika. You can use sunscreen and always topical liquid mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito bites.

3. Wash your hands

Always use wet wipes or hand sanitizers, but it would be better if washing hands with soap and running water. Avoid for not touching dirty hands to the body, especially the face, mouth, nose, neck or genitals, as it will accelerate the transfer of germs.

4. Shelter from the sun

You can avoid excessive sun exposure, because it makes the body weak from dehydration and sunburn. Always wear a hat or sunscreen fluid. Even so, do not be afraid of the sun, early morning is the best time receives sunlight with vitamins that are useful for the body.

5. Do not get dehydrated

Frequent drinking water while traveling, please do not forget it. Provide water beverages in containers sealed, mainly to the region less secure health. Should not drink of cold water too much, to avoid sore throat.

6. Measure the capacity of the body

This is the time for you to be vigilant, culinary hunt was fun, but... Measuring the capacity of the body before putting it in the mouth, in order to avoid abdominal pain, allergies or more severe, diseases related to blood pressure. Likewise, the local drink containing alcohol with an adequate dose only, not excessive.

7. Getting enough sleep

You should keep in shape, over the weekend, especially when it comes to all nightspots. Certainly be fun, but with enough rest, so that no body aches or colds the next day.

8. Use insurance

This is a good recipe, because everyone needs to protect themselves with insurance. You can search for information just as much about the type of insurance before going sightseeing with a trusted agent. Carefully study the things that are given an insurance agent, so do not be fooled by the lure of its services.

Travelling is fun, but you do not want to be sick, either when traveling or after you got home. So be vigilant always necessary.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, 1000TravelTips, Travelvax
Image: N Ginting


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