Santa Claus Maybe without Reindeer

The number of reindeer in the world from year to year continues to slump

Santa Claus with children - Image credit Bailiwick Studios from Rockford, MI

Santa Claus with his reindeer it seems difficult to separate from the various stories about the moments leading up to Christmas for children around the world. A Saint, as told since the beginning of time, traveling the world to bring a Christmas gift drive a sleigh, pulled by reindeer.

Is it possible to imagine when Santa Claus flew to and fro without reindeer?

Say, and indeed it does, this year, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, December 20th, Santa Claus must try harder to look for the reindeer to accompany him to fly, because it is steadily decreasing.

News of the reduced populations of reindeer indeed alarming, during the past 16 years, the size of the body weight of a reindeer in Svalbard, Norway, shrank to 12 percent, according to a review on the sites AFP.

I think you already know, the global warming impact on many things, even the weight of a reindeer on the wane, it is submitted by the British Ecological Society (BES) at Liverpool, UK.

Santa Claus knows that he needs a certain measure of reindeer, strong and agile, but when their body was thinner, would complicate his job to fly to and fro. Current adult reindeer weighs only 48 kilograms, much smaller than 10 years ago, which is about 55 kilograms.

In accordance with the opinion of Steve Albon of the James Hutton Institute in Scotland. Ideal weight is important for survival and reproduction.

"The 12 percent may seem insignificant, but given the importance of body weight for survival and reproduction, the decline becomes significant."

He and a team of associates that with global warming, according to them, the temperature rise in the Arctic plains, parallel to the decline in the populations of reindeer.

If you know the situation in the Arctic today, becomes warmer and the surface temperatures about 2.8 degrees Celsius, compared to 100 last year.

"Warmer climate means that rain happens more often, which makes the ground more often freezes."

Ice covered the ground, making the reindeer can not get lichens, fungi or plants that symbiosis with algae and bacteria, which grow under the snow.

The direct impact for them, they also participate shrinking due to lack of food during the winter. Hungry.

And they end up losing a child or give birth to children with a much lighter weight. Despite ongoing Christmas, the reindeer deserve recognition of its existence.

Santa Claus needs to adjust its work without them, one day.

Source: L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: Bailiwick Studios via Wikipedia


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