Travel Trends throughout 2016 - 2

The tendency of tourists to plan travel trips independently

Kinsol Trestle from riverside road - Image credit Vrsmith

Travel independently looks so attract for most of the tourists in the world, it is in accordance with the data from the search engine Google, as reported by the travel site Travel and Leisure, December 20th.

In addition to the presence of transport and accommodation of providers application, reviewed by the sites CNN Indonesia, today, on the first part, the second part of this article, you can see another trend, namely online booking.

6. Road trip

Travelers like new things by doing a road trip, as it can make a direct introduction to the tourist area. They will enjoy the view on the street and give new insights into the target area.

Pay attention to physical fitness, when feeling tired you may be looking for lodging on the way. Avoid driving at night or heavy rain, especially if not encountered many lights or road markings.

7. The national parks of some countries, such US National Parks

Visiting national parks seems to be a new way to travel, for example, there are 59 protected areas and a national park in the US. Such as Yellowstone, Yosemite, Capitol Reef, Grand Canyon and Glacier Bay.

You can consider the national park area in a number of countries, especially when the region is in critical condition due to global warming and human activity. You can visit the national park area is in critical status, because there is the possibility of one day be extinct.

8. Booking through online

Now all seems easy, not just clothes or shoes, transportation and accommodation can be booked via smartphone.

Many services are available, an online travel service site, and you can look it up in the official and reliable services.

You can also find out if a site gives prices are cheaper, but the hotel rates are more expensive, and vice versa on the other sites.

Note the time of booking, try ordering a maximum of two weeks before departure, because the price will be much cheaper. You can choose the best day for airline tickets on Thursday and Monday worth more oblique.

9. Weekend Travel

You can take advantage of the days of hose, for example after the leave, the weekend is the best time to vacation in the area close by.

Travelers began to travel on a Friday afternoon after office hours and return on Sunday afternoon, so they can rest for a return to activity on Monday morning.

10. Airbnb

All the expensive holiday season, so hotel rooms to be so unreasonable. Airbnb service is the solution, especially who travel abroad.

Even you can find some homeowners who are willing to give tips on tourist activities that can be done in the country.

The concept is to make the house as a place to stay, courtesy remain high, especially associated with regulatory compliance, such as getting people to stay more than a predetermined amount or not smoke in the room.

Ten traveled trends discussed since the first part until this second part of the article. It's interesting to see how people traveled, and the role of the latest technology seems to provide a lot of convenience.

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Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Vrsmith via Wikipedia


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