World's Unique Festivals in the Year 2017 - 2

Unique and strange celebration of the various countries are worth a visit by tourists

A crowd gathers at Kanamara Matsuri festival - Image credit Saya M

Strange festival can occur in various parts of the world with a diversity of local culture. Maybe for locals it can be considered as something common, but certainly seem strange for newcomers, especially those of the tourists.

Need for awareness to understand the uniqueness of a place that was celebrating a tradition, as reviewed in the first part of the article. Excerpt from an article on the site KompasTravel, December 26, about the unique customs in the coming year.

Steel Phallus Festival, Japan

Date: 2 April 2017

You can visit this place, Kawasaki in Japan every April. This festival, Kanamara Matsuri can be quite vulgar, but has a sense of the sacred to the locals, which paraded the penis (phallus) statue.

Entering the 40th year that originated from the legend of a woman who was deceived by the devil.

Type of activity: Parading giant phallus statues with different colors are taken around the city streets.

Baby Jumping Festival, Spain

Date: June 18, 2017

A 400-year-old hazardous ritual, El Colacho in Castillo de Murcia, Spain. Dangerous event, because some babies on the way to jump

This ritual is actually a form of baptism of the local tradition.

Type of activity: The babies will be bypassed by an adult male.

Wife Carrying by the Estonian - Image credit Steve Jurvetson

Wife Carrying Festival, Finland

Date: June 30 -1 July 2017

Certainly as a wife would feel happy with her husband picked up the three allowed techniques. First, carrying on the back or piggyback. Second, take the victim such as firefighters, or Eston style, and third wife pinning their feet on the necks of the husband and holding her waist.

The contest winner will be rewarded with beer weighing the body of his wife.

Type of activity: Carrying his own wife, and not another man's wife.

Body Painting Festival, Austria

Date: 28-30 July 2017

This festival has been going on for 20 years in a remote town Austria, Klagenfurt an Woerthersee. The slogan of the festival is "Let your imagination run free".

Type of activity: A variety of events, including a dance called the Body Circus, and of course body painting by the festival participants.

Fire Ball Festival, El Salvador

Date: August 31, 2017

Festival to commemorate the eruption of the volcano in El Salvador in 1658 accompanied by crowds of musical events. The event is held harmless enough in Nejapa, El Salvador, but only rarely injured.

Type of activity: At night, people will start fighting with fireballs.

You know that there are many other unique festivals occur in the various countries of the world, but I only presents ten only. And the second part complements the previous article with five other unique festival.

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Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel,
Image: Saya M and Steve Jurvetson via Wikipedia


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