Champagne in a Chocolate Biscuits

Latest creativity from Japan with a concoction of champagne to welcome the New Year

Japanese resto, Tokyo - Image credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Champagne with a biscuit? You get a sense of luxury, even they say there freshness of champagne in a chocolate biscuit, and a mixture of this kind can be present through the creativity of culinary enthusiasts.

They are, to quote the article on the site CNN Indonesia, today, does have creations in dispensing drinks, and this time the champagne was present as a grain pull together with a biscuit.

You can imagine what that's like, the latest creation of a Japanese snack company. Manufacturers of Pocky cooperate with renowned Japanese chéf pasty, Hironobu Tsugichi to create the new biscuits collection taste of champagne.

Hironobu Tsugichi a well-known in Japan, according RocketNews24 reviews on the site, because he is a famous pastry chéf in Japan who became the youngest winner along sparingly pastry contest in Japan. For the record, you will be impressed with this victory won 26 years ago when he was 23 years old.

And, the moment of the New Year is a good time, a special festive moments that will take place shortly.

Champagne as it is known in advance, alcoholic Frenchman is known as a popular drink that accompany the celebration to welcome new year's eve.

All right, you need to know this drink recipe outline. Usually a chocolate biscuit made of flour and milk chocolate, then in this variant will be added into the mixture of champagne.

The addition of champagne will make a sensation distinct flavor and aroma of chocolate biscuits mixed with almond milk. The content of this biscuit champagne in the range of 0.1 percent.

Culinary creativity that continues to move in line with the interests of the new generation against new variants of culinary, as stated by the manufacturer, Glico, they are keen to implement the three new products that will be mixed with champagne.

I believe if it will be a special sensation, and that is something that certainly those three snacks will have luxurious taste of champagne.

Biscuits with champagne taste, of course has a unique flavor, size chocolate biscuits are also somewhat special. They will produce biscuits with a biscuit sticks length 1.4 times longer than usual.

Say you're on vacation to Japan, maybe Tokyo, these biscuits can be found in a limited time span. They sell biscuits is scheduled to be sold starting January 3, 2017 in selected markets in Japan.

Source: O Satyaningtyas - CNN Indonesia, RocketNews24
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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