AirDates, Looking for a Dating in the Airplane

Applications in your smartphone that connects fellow air passengers

Scan... Invite... Chat... - Image credit AirDates

Looking for a dating? Or you may want to look for a sexy partner or whatever, this time available in the aircraft cabin environment.

Who would have thought if this time the users of the gadget through their smartphone can find a partner in various places, such reviews on the site KompasTravel, December 13th, even in places you might not you guess, that is, in air travel through the AirDates application, of course after you download it.

When you use the apps, you can talk even finding a partner in the air, even without a network connection, or the Internet.

Users worthy to appreciate the creation of Michael Richard, who got the idea while traveling around Southeast Asia. When he wants to use like the dating apps, but is hampered when inside the aircraft cabin.

In other reviews mentioned in the sites Lonely Planet, Monday, December 12th, that this dating app works by connecting a fellow passenger shortly before boarding, and before by downloading the flight tickets via email into the application.

After this process, then this application will provide a list of passengers who were aboard the same, but the other passengers also need to download the same app.

You can imagine the crowd of passengers who participated in flight, regardless of what their intentions are, the trip can be free from boredom. Process know each other, chat, submit a hobby or a variety of other positive tendencies. If it had found the right partner, of course it's up to each person to continue it in a warm date.

You know when the user, the passenger can change settings on the application. Do you want to appear with the original name, or even invisible. Terrific, isn’t it?

The article also wrote that after takeoff, you should turn off the phone and then switched on again after the plane took off. Do not think about the internet connection, because AirDates app will connect you with other passengers via Bluetooth or WiFi Direct.

The times have been so easy through technology, such as those provided by AirDates, so to find a date to do even when you're in air travel.

Well then, in the year-end holidays, I immediately downloaded it on my next trip.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Lonely Planet
Image: AirDates Technology


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