Obama and family Christmas Vacation in Hawaii

Towards the end of the term of office for eight years as President of the United States

Fleming Beach, Maui, Hawaii - Image credit W Nowicki

Christmas vacation to Hawaii seems to be an option for many people, especially tourists who are often traveling towards mainland Europe, and this time may be on Hawaii vacation as the 44th US President of America, Obama and family.

Obama felt the need to take an impression of interest to him and the family in the Christmas holidays this year, according to the review on the sites CNN Indonesia, today, Hawaii is an attractive option, beaches, nature, culture and culinary.

Articles written about Obama's vacation plans, after a press conference held in the White House on Friday, December 16th, Obama with his wife and two daughters flew to Honolulu to use presidential plane, Air Force One, for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

It's fun for the president, citing the sites New York Post, Obama, Michelle, Sasha and Malia will spend 17 days on the island where the president was raised.

I thought vacation in Hawaii should be implemented without involving jobs, Obama's doing it while on vacation, Obama typically undergo a multitude of activities, including golf, parties and dinners with colleagues.

Obama really take advantage of the holidays with his wife and daughters. Obama family vacation in Hawaii until early January 2017.

Michelle, Malia and Sasha at DNC – Image credit Ava Lowery

It is appropriate for the president and the family took the time to take a vacation, especially at the moment of the end of its tenure. Moments with family, relaxation and back home in the past.

Although to carry holiday an American president, launched by the sites Washington Times, Judicial Watch has recently revealed that total personal travel expenses by the family number one in the United States reached US $ 85 million, and a vacation trip to Hawaii last year it would cost approximately $ 4.8 million.

End of tenure of Obama even after the holidays, still awaits statehood agenda in Pearl Harbor with the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe.

The flurry to carry out state tasks would be performed, the historic meeting after seven decades ago, when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese air force squadrons.

Source: R Dessthania Suastha – CNN Indonesia, New York Post, Washington Times
Image: Wikipedia


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