Christmas-themed Dishes in the Air

Seeing Christmas menu from various airlines

Christmas dinner with turkey - Image credit Virgin Airlines

Christmas menu which you provide on this day, I'm sure it was special, because it is served with dedication for all the family and close friends on special occasions.

Well, what if in a Christmas mood, as reviewed by KompasTravel sites, today, you peek at how airlines in the world providing a special menu on Christmas moments for passengers in the air.

Do not be surprised, according to another excerpts of articles from the Daily Mail, when they seriously serves as nuanced Christmas dinner with turkey.

Singapore Airlines

The first class passengers in particular got a grilled meat dish and a Christmas pudding with brandy sauce.

While the economy class passengers will get roasted turkey breast, complete with winter vegetables and potatoes, as well as Christmas pudding with ice cream.

British Airways

Passengers are served a dinner special with 60,000 traditional Christmas celebrations in England. In the menu include baked potatoes, turkey, Brussels sprouts (a type of cabbage), and mince pie (meat pie is usually served at Christmas).

Even passengers can watch movies and television series theme of Christmas in the air.

Emirates Airlines

Special Dubai route passengers to Australia, Europe and the United States, had the privilege gained Christmas menu for all class cabin for passengers. The main class passengers get a menu that consisted of turkey meat with growing potatoes, chicken sausage and vegetables, as well as ginger chocolate pudding and custard for dessert.

Besides the economy and business class passengers were treated prawns with Marie Rose sauce, then continued turkey and mashed pumpkin and Brussels sprouts. For dessert a chocolate torte cake, or yule log.

Virgin Airlines

Passengers feel lucky with Christmas-themed dinner, the passengers in premium economy class up to the top, can get afternoon tea with mince pies and brandy butter for certain routes.

Another option for business class passengers and foremost is the series of Christmas-themed cocktails.


These have always provide special meals for passengers. They offer a chocolate festival for the passengers.

Also mince pie for passengers in first class and business, on international routes. As for domestic routes, the passengers can get a mince pie and chocolate.

It is appropriate passengers get different things on a special day, especially in the Christmas moments. You can understand how the mood of the passengers who will reach the destination to meet family and old friends.

Source: Ni Luh Made Pertiwi - KompasTravel, Dailymail
Image: Virgin Airlines


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