America Facing Scarcity of Whipped Cream

On the other side of the world are experiencing a crisis of hunger and food shortages

A cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream - Image credit Herrick

The food crisis in America can be regarded as something quite strange, the US experienced shortages in specific types of food sources, because the country is experiencing a crisis stock of whipped cream.

It is reviewed by a site, CNN Indonesia, December 20th, based on the source of the article from the sites Food and Wine, that are now the US citizens to be extra frugal when using whipped cream.

You can imagine, isn’t it? At the moments like Christmas, many families need whipped cream, you know that the presence of whipped cream needed to complete various cakes for a party.

What impact then? This scarcity could trigger the sale of spray cans of whipped cream is on the black market. While insiders say that the threat of crisis this cream has nothing to do with milk.

Instead, whipped cream industry is facing serious problems shortage of nitrogen oxides. Gases used in spray cans white sweet topping it. And this will threaten the survival of 'live' whipped cream spray only, not the entireof the cream variant.

Immediate impact on the users of the household, for example, the giant food company ConAgra had to stop production of a popular brand of whipped cream, Reddi-wip.

You can look at the situation in Boston, stocks in shops selling the wane, and they were only able to the needs of the buyer until the next 10 days.

Many people ask why did this happen in the US? The cause is the explosion that occurred in August in a nitrogen oxide plant in Florida, Airgas.

The factory was closed as it goes, another source of the sites Chicago Tribune, Airgas seeks to reestablish the supply of nitrogen oxide.

But the main priority is for medical purposes, such as anesthesia. Naturally impact on household consumption and the culinary world in general.

A broad impact for the users whipped cream, for those who prefer to use whipped cream in spray cans compared to manual whipping, then you have to wait until the end of the holiday.

Many people of industry players believe including ConAgra, the supply can return to normal after mid-January 2017. Hopefully.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Food and Wine, Chicago Tribune
Image: Herrick via Wikipedia


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