Who’s Trump Chéf Candidate at the White House?

Some of the famous chéf names who have great expertise

Joe Isidori at "Black Tap" Resto, New York

Favorite chéf of the 45th president-elect to the United States, Donald Trump apparently received widespread attention among lovers of culinary world, perhaps you can guess who was elected later.

Indeed, this time the media was more interested to see who occupy important positions in the cabinet in the presidency later, when other matters worthy of concern, namely the culinary.

Perhaps the public missed the culinary tastes of Trump, as long as it does not have a special diet, he can consume whatever he liked, fast food, well done steak, even milkshakes.

But it would be very interesting to speculate who will be elected as a chéf at the presidential palace in the White House, as reviewed by a site CNN Indonesia, but according to information obtained, the journalists have received the names of top chéfs who might fill the position ,

Say some famous names, according to the sites Food Beast, as the chéf on duty today, Cristeta Comerford, then David Burke, head chéf at Trump Hotel International in Washington DC, another name is the Trump’s former personal chéf, Joe Isidori, and today chéfs that placed in Trump Tower, Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

They are believed to be reliable with the expertise that will be favored by the president, and guaranteed to be in the top list. Let us see one by one, who they are.

Cristeta Pasia Comerford

Famous for processed cuisine potatoes, and always favored by the president from one generation to another. Currently serves as the head chéf at the White House during the last decade.

Joe Isidori

Known by its flagship food burger topped with mozzarella cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano and tomato sauce and rich flavor milkshakes. Isidori also widely known through his restaurant in New York, Black Tap.

David Burke

He was a good cook steak at his restaurant, BLT Prime, for example, wet steaks, dry, until the salty steaks, can all be treated with favor by Burke. He is also an expert in processing the meat fat flavor that enrich the flavor as the luxury dinner menu.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Michelin star-winning chéf is famous for cooking ribs, usually served with potatoes and felt marinade spices. Once a chéf on duty at the Trump’s wedding with Melania at 2005.

Society at large will soon know who is chosen, and it would be nice for the occupants of the White House.

Source: R Sekar Afrisia - CNN Indonesia, Food Beast
Image: Joe Isidori Page


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