Air Pollution, Busiest Travel Agents

Chinese citizens choose to travel to the southern region of the country mainland

Lake Shi Cha Hai, Beijing - Image credit G Alexei

Air pollution in China mainland has indeed created difficulties for many authorities there, as the quote news from the South China Morning Post on Thursday, December 22nd, that pollution that occurred already in red alert scale.

According to the news release this year the level of anxiety of residents have made them want to immediately go to a more fresh and clean air.

They said that the current 23 cities in the northern region, including Beijing, filled with thick smoke for days, making it difficult for residents to perform daily activities.

Of course this is inconvenient, because the red alert - the highest scale in four warning of air pollution, the government will limit the use of motor vehicles and shut down factories and schools for a while.

Other authorities, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, today, such as the Ministry of the Environment estimates that air pollution is very unhealthy levels that reached a peak on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

But behind this, Chinese citizens choose the best way to travel to the southern region, the article on the Beijing Evening News, quoting data from the travel site, Qunar, ticket sales for flights to rural and coastal tripled since red alert in place, such as Sanya, Dali and Xiamen.

You soon know when tickets have been sold out. Valen Lin said, a worker in Beijing who decided to go to a ski resort in Hebei.

"The smoke is very dense, especially in big cities. Better I spend time on the weekend to clear the lungs."

Air pollution has occurred over the past few years, and it got worse just before winter. Hard to breathe the air in Beijing, and made a sore throat when inhaled, said Lin.

Indeed, there are changes in community behavior in Beijing, said Professor Zhang Hui of Beijing Jiaotong University, before they travel to the coastal areas to look for warmer air during the winter.

In the end you see the fact, that the unexpected advantage gained by the travel agencies like Ctrip, which directly promote their travel packages "escape from the smoke".

They, the citizens now go south, approximately 150 thousand people who use their services, until this weekend.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, South China Morning Post, Beijing Evening News
Image: G Alexei


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