Christmas “Jumper” with Fantastic Price

Manufacturer of fashion soon offer a range of their products on the theme of Christmas

The Jumper - Image credit Instagram@tipsyelves

Clothing line manufacturers sees good opportunities in the Christmas rush, they would not have wasted all that is possible, especially for the youth segment that does not miss the new Christmas-themed model.

You can get around in shopping malls, crowded places city people who want to celebrate Christmas, or any other event associated with those nearby.

Somehow, the world of fashion has always responded through holiday themed clothing products, so for reviews on a site, CNN Indonesia, December 17th, a breakthrough made by Tipsy Elves, clothing manufacturers from the United States launched the clothing in the form of "jumper" Christmas-themed sparked attention because its exorbitant price US $ 30 thousand.

Young people, the millennial had a typical response through dress expression, quoting Metro, Tipsy Elves collaborates with Swarovski in designing jumper decorated with beautiful crystal stones.

Thus creation artsy, work is regarded as dedication for anyone with a reasonable response and not excessive. And you can see the work of their clothing, when they decorate the jumper model into an elegant impression.

But. Opinions vary from fashion observers, they say that the black jumper elegant impression was 'disappeared' by the image of Santa Claus riding a Pegasus horse. Just look at the 24 thousand Swarovski crystal grains that are installed manually for 52 hours makes it less 'harmonious'.

They say this dress work still require additional polish, because the Christmas-themed clothing should not invite reactions from young people. They are completely different generation, and you deserve surprised by their taste.

Back on the tastes of each individual, transforming appropriate fashion theme of an event, such as the celebration of Christmas, whether performed ‘poorly’, because it seemed excessive, or may appear otherwise.

As Whoopi Goldberg said in a statement in the press release, quoted by the NY Daily News.

"There's no better way to celebrate the holiday season than wearing or give an 'ugly' sweater, and spending time with family and friends."

She says, that's the true essence of a holiday.

Source: R Dessthania Suastha - CNN Indonesia, Metro, NY Daily News
Image: Instagram@tipsyelves


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