World's Unique Festivals in the Year 2017 - 1

Festive celebrations in many of the world that are considered strange by many people

"naked festival" at Saidaiji Temple - Image credit CES

A unique festival always exist in various countries around the world, although it might be considered less prevalent by tourists who are visiting the country to celebrate.

It is something that has become a habit of the place, not necessarily to be understood by the newcomers, such reviews on a site. Interesting reviews about these events due to be held in 2017.

Mud Festival, South Korea

Date: 21-30 July 2017

You might be interested in this festival, Boryeong Festival at Daecheon Beach.

Type of activity: Mud bath, mud football, painting with mud, until the mud wrestling.

Throw Goat Festival, Spain

Date: January 23, 2017

Event location in the small village Manganeses de la Polvorosa, Zamora Province, with the Festival of St Vincent each January that throws a goat from a height.

Do not worry, the goat is kept safe, because it was installed tarpaulin to withstand the fall of a goat. Having dropped the goat and then paraded in the street.

Due to strong protests from animal activists, the organizers used a replica of the goat as a substitute for live goats. A habit that comes from a legend that says there is a magical goat feed the poor with milk, falling from the tower but landed perfectly.

Type of activity: The young men who throw live goats from church roof which has a height of 15 meters.

Naked Festival, Japan

Date: 18 February 2017

This is a religious event, a celebration known as Hadaka Matsuri which is regularly held in Okayama.

The festival is held on the third weekend in February at Saidaiji Temple. Local residents believe, those who got the stick, it will get health, prosperity, and happiness throughout the year.

Type of activity: Approximately 10,000 adult men who only use loincloth, fighting two sticks were thrown out of the window by the pastor.

The Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake on 27th May 2013 - Image credit Dave Farrance

Catch the Cheese Festival, England

Date: May 29, 2017

Thousands of people are gathering in the West Country precisely Cooper's Hill, Gloucestershire every off-season to participate in a rare competition, when locals catching the cheese.

Interesting thing is the location of the slope of the hill, so the cheese will glide at speeds reaching 113 kilometers per hour. Believe me, there is always a victim injured as a result of this competition.

Type of activity: Who can catch the hurtling cheese, weighing four kilograms, then he won the competition.

Fighting Festival, Bolivia

Date: May 7, 2017

A 600-year-old event called Tinku in Macha city with a mass brawl event that makes a scene.

Until now, no victims died. The participants who survived without serious injury will then be celebrated with traditional music and dance.

Type of activity: The men festivalgoers will be drinking alcohol and paraded in the street, then began fighting to throwing stones. Just like a brutal brawl.

As a festival, there is always a festive though perhaps less common for tourists. In the second part of the article will be presented other festivals that can attract many people.

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Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel,
Image: CES and Dave Farrance via Wikipedia


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