Space 'Food Bar' for Astronauts

The need to live healthy through food bars is now present in deep space

Space food Ramen - Image credit Tnk3a

NASA has now realized the need for a healthy life in a different way which is now the trend, namely through the facilities of the food bar. Campaigners of healthy life can even compare what types of food in space, maybe they will ask someday.

This is exciting news for you to read, there are some media that deliver, including the sites CNN Indonesia, they say that NASA food scientists are developing a new kind of food bar.

More news delivered on site Mashable, wrote that the food bar is going to be consumed by the astronauts at breakfast on the sidelines undergoing deep space missions to Mars or the Moon.

How do you think they offer the kind of that food bar? As well as what kind of food will be offered, so far, NASA astronaut can choose variety of food bars that taste good, even though they say grain seems unusual.

The presence of the ISS (International Space Station) does provide the opportunity for a food bar, the astronauts can choose what they like, you can imagine, if something hovering near you.

Must be so, because the food will be made as light as possible in the area in the spacecraft is limited, and NASA seeking load is not too heavy as it orbits.

Heavy loads will be difficult for the spacecraft to maneuver even penetrate the outer space. They create a food bar with four variations, banana nut, cranberry orange, ginger vanilla and baked beans that can be enjoyed by the astronauts.

The site quotes a statement from Jessica Vos, who served as Deputy Health and Medical Technical Authority for Orion, which assess the practical need a breakfast package in order to facilitate the storage area limitations.

"This is how we package the food for breakfast for the crew and the crew of the Orion."

Well, in the future you will more often see space travel, when astronauts were showing off how they eat, do not be surprised to be presented there ramen, tacos and also the burgers.

I thought the food there look as the earth.

Source: V Probo – CNN Indonesia, Mashable
Image: Tnk3a via Wikipedia


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