Things To Know Before Holidays in New York - 1

10 things you need to know before deciding on a trip to town was nicknamed "Big Apple"

Times Square, New York

"Big Apple" is the nickname of the city that always fascinate tourists from all over the world, New York has always received attention from a wide selection of major cities of the world.

Glittering city from morning to night, the city that never lost its heart, so articles reviewed in the sites CNN Indonesia, the city that never sleeps, like a song, "New York, New York".

Travelers like looking for new surprises in this city, although you should prepare yourself to learn more about New York.

1. Five main areas

A sprawling city with five main areas or the Borough, Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island with a unique and characteristic of each.

Manhattan is characterized by skyscrapers, businesses, museums, and shopping. The Bronx is the home city of New York Yankees baseball team, the most populous Brooklyn known as street art and its old buildings.

While Queens is known as the largest city with a population of the most ethnically diverse in the nation of origin of color.

Lastly, Staten Island, the most southerly located, with a population of at least, our view of the Statue of Liberty can be enjoyed from the Ferry which connects Staten Island and Manhattan.

2. The best time to travel begins at the Spring

You will be enchanted by the beauty of the Spring, around April. Maybe in the Summer and Autumn the weather is more friendly to tourists who come from tropical climates region.

Generally, tourists avoid the Winter in December, in addition to having to wear thick jackets that add to the burden of congenital. Snowstorms often occur in winter, many public facilities and shops closed.

In January-February is the coldest month in New York on average reached 0 degrees Celsius even minus.

Liberty Statue from far

3. The restaurant is characterized by the state of origin of the migrants, for example, the Asian restaurant

New York facilitate the tourists find the typical food of their country of origin, and compared to other cities in the United States, New York has more restaurants of Asian origin.

You will often find restaurants with typical food of Indonesian rending and vegetables pecel and eateries Malaysian or Chinese Food, Japanese Food, and the Middle East who sold rice as the main menu.

4. Potable tap water is available in every place

New York City (NYC) is special with the best water systems in the United States. Travelers easily find tap water at various downtown. This makes the tourists do not have to carry heavy-weight beverage bottles or buy water in the minimarket, you just need to look for water and opened your mouth, and immediately drink.

5. Be aware of the homeless and the Superhero

Indeed, the city is very advanced and occupy the top five positions as a modern city of the world, but it does not mean freedom of bums. Travelers will see them sit down and have a little money, but not intrusive.

You will also find a lot of superheroes like Iron Man, Superman, also the Monsters Inc. Pleasant scenery for tourists because they kindly invited photographed together, although not free. We recommend that you prepare a cash tip for this Superhero peoples.

Other ‘cool’ things will be continued in the second part of this article. Five other things that also need to be known by the tourists who visit the city of New York.

Always a lot of things that await you attract attention, while in this city.

Continued to Part 2.

Source: S Stevanus Suryono - CNN Indonesia
Image: L Priyanti - New York


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