Soda mixed with Mustard for the Police Officer, Employees Resto in Kansas Fired

’Strange day’ for the members of the police who received a mixture of soda with mustard

Cola with ice - Image credit Simon Cousins

Order a soda at a fast food restaurant in the United States, seems to be one of the favorite by the citizens of one state, call the name of Kansas, and one day a police officer become a “news” at FoxNews a day ago.

He, the police officer seemed less fortunate when ordering his favorite beverage, soda water or something, who knows what was thinking by a fast-food restaurant employee.

The employees make anti-social behaviors, for inserting mustard mixture into a glass of soda were ordered by a police officer.

A McDonald's fast food restaurant in Topeka, Kansas, got the news coverage, as written in the article of a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, caused by overuse of one of the employees.

A sunny day in fact, last Friday, when a police officer in Topeka, do not want to be named, towards one of the outlets of the restaurant to order food through the drive-thru.

Then, without feeling the slightest suspicion, he uncapped his soda drinks, of course thirsty after walking around the city since morning, but he felt ‘strange’. Open drink cups, glasses contents that should be solid cola soda instead 'tainted' by merging and yellow mustard to 'contaminate' the soda.

This is the age of social media, and on Sunday, November 27th, you know when news of soda mixed with mustard has spread across social media and receive a response from many netizens.

Of course this created difficulties for the owners of the restaurant, Tom Dobski, he and the company were surprised by the actions carried out secretly by one of their employees.

"To all customers, including law enforcement officers who protect and serve the people, always warmly welcomed in our restaurant."

He and the management of the company to act quickly, especially vehement protests from the police, they immediately conduct an internal investigation.

But. Police are still doing to the next step and opened a criminal investigation publicly. The day is not that good, and Dobski appear cooperative with investigators to answer all questions.

Bad luck for the employees, because he has no place else in the company and the restaurant.

Source: E Priherdityo – CNN Indonesia, FoxNews
Image: Simon Cousins via Wikipedia


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