Besides Beer, 5 Gluten-Free Alcoholic Beverages

Healthy life free beverages from protein-containing starch

Beer as thr main menu in Oktoberfest, Germany

Gluten-free beverages were got a good place for fans of beverages containing alcohol, with a full peripheral conditions must be free of gluten.

Of course you want to ask, isn't it? Gluten is a mixture of proteins contained together with starch, according the excerpts from the site detikFood, Nov. 21, generally gluten found in barley, rye and other specific types of barley.

This is consistent with the reviews on the site, who writes about the tendency of people to live healthy, by eating gluten free alcoholic beverages.

1. Beer

As a reference I consider also about beer. Beverages made from barley hops that must be contain gluten, including rice beer. Although now present a gluten-free beer (gluten removed by fermentation), the millet drink like wheat under several brands, among others Redbridge, Bard's, Coors Peak, Green, New Grist and New Planet.

2. Cider

Despite looking a little frothy like beer, the drink is already gluten-free. Cider made from fermented apples. Although later some brands use yeast with barley ingredients. Try several types, such as ACE brand, Angry Orchard, Crispin or Woodchuck.

3. Wine Cooler

You can try these types of drinks, the type of alcoholic drink made from wine and fruit juice, sometimes combined also with carbonated beverages and sugar. These types of drinks made from malt is prohibited, but generally wine cooler can be said to include gluten-free. You can try to make your own wine cooler at home.

4. Wine

Now you know when the wine is naturally gluten-free, and made from grapes. Some can you find such as white wine, red wine, champagne and dessert wine.

Fermentation often produce flavorful gluten content, due to the mixed aroma of grain, and for the wine fermentation is stored in oak barrels and is usually covered with wheat pasta. (Although now been changed and most of the wine is stored in stainless steel tube)

5. Alcohol Distillation

Although the makers believe technically, all kinds of distilled alcohol is considered safe, the distillation process removes anything that may contain gluten.

Some types of distilled alcohol naturally gluten-free, such as brandy distilled from wine, rum from molasses or fermented sugar cane juice and tequila comes from the agave cactus.

6. Liqueur

Alcoholic drink type made from distilled spirits and flavored with fruit, cream, spices, herbs, flowers or nuts. Then bottled with added sugar and other sweeteners.

You can enjoy these types of drinks in some of them, like Amoretto, Bailey, Grand Marnier and Kahlua. Almost all of them gluten-free, unless you find gluten ingredients on the bottle label.

Various types of gluten-free beverage is becoming a trend for most drinkers society, so they are quite thoroughly before drinking it.

Source: A Trimirasti - detikFood, Serious Eat
Image: R Gurning


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