Virgin America Worthy Awarded as the Airline Provider of Healthy Food

Through research hardly a healthy snack provided by any airline

Food on airlines - Image credit SIA

Healthy food can be regarded as the hope of every person everywhere as a daily menu, as well as consideration of many passengers who wish the food on the plane was in good condition and health guaranteed.

But. Corresponding research data reported by the sites Travel and Leisure, hardly a healthy snack provided by the airline anywhere.

You know when for a while among tourists, perhaps just a salad as the best food choices to keep their waistline is not as wide.

However there are different opinions, Dr. Charles Platkin, as Director of the New York Center for Food Policy at Hunter College, through his website, 'Diet Detective', said that the airline Virgin America deserves an award as the airline provider of healthy foods in all categories, except for snacks.

He gave recommendation for those who want to choose nutritious foods and healthy in this airline, you can choose some good, healthy and tasty, among others Ginger Chicken Soba Noodles, Provencal Tuna Sandwich, or Vegan Wrap with vegetables and humus.

Once you try it, I quoted the other interesting reviews in lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, today, citing an interview in Bon Appétit, some time ago from Anthony Bourdain, a culinary expert said, "No one who feels better after eating food on the plane."

In fact, he adds if you're in a long-distance trip, he would suggest a different kind of food.

"In my opinion, people eat on the plane because of boredom. I did not eat while flying. I better come hungry," so that he would prefer to order cheese and types of processed foods.

Research from Platkin put in second place is the airline Air Canada and Delta are also included in the category of "best" of the past year in terms of provision of healthy food on the plane, with the scoring four stars overall health.

Results less in accordance with expectations, the airline Spirit and Frontier by simply giving them the value of one star and was named the category of 'embarrassing.'

Despite that travelers get an idea how to calculate calories is right for the value of food at each airline.

Source: A Ekasari Larasati - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Singapore Airlines


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