Travel Trends throughout 2016 - 1

Ten travel trends compiled by the Google search engine

Aurora Borealis is one of the travel dreams

Travel trends in 2016 during this time became the material of interest to the Google search engine to see the trend of travelers, such as excerpts from the site Travel and Leisure on Tuesday, December 20th, the trend this year is planning a tour and travel independently.

One that stands out this year is the presence provider application and accommodation, as reviewed by the site CNN Indonesia, today, and unexpectedly this encouraging tourists to more frequent travel.

1. Travel dreams

Travel style from the tourists in the world to get to specific and unique places, like watching the Northern Lights in Iceland or visit the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Travelers can find alternatives to fulfill their dreams, for example to the area of the 'anti-mainstream' around their country homes.

2. Travel relaxation

Say if 2016 is the year of stress, such as world news tense, war, terrorism in some countries and others such as the US presidential elections.

No wonder that most tourists to travel to the physical and spiritual relaxation, ranging from yoga and spa. And India, Thailand, and Bali in Indonesia is a favorite for tourists the world to do sightseeing relaxation.

3. Traveling alone or solo traveling

Stood out this year was traveling solo, they may be inspired by the experience of the bloggers or the vloggers.

A trend that requires preparation and complete information about the destination, preparation of physical fitness, health and safety is the main thing to do.

4. Application of online transportation

Traveler gets a lot of ease of travel application when they visit a new place, because it can monitor the rates and routes through the mobile phone display.

One is the ease of searching for hotels, meals, and online transportation, although some countries still have not received any kind of this transportation type.

Travelers can drive safely and comfortably, for example, ask the residence order a motorcycle, taxi or rental car. Price bargaining is an art, you can open the app map and estimate the rates for distance traveled.

Avoid taking public transportation is not an official, especially at night.

5. Traveling in group

One of the advantages traveled in groups is to reduce a lot of costs rather than live alone with a risk always takes unexpected costs.

But you're worth a try, because there will be lots of exciting experiences along with new acquaintances. Contact travel agents flocking trustworthy through a friend's recommendation.

In addition to the above trend, there are still other possible tourism trends you found that the remaining portion of the second part of this article. Travelers specifically does have a unique tendency.

Continued to Part 2.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: V Saver


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