Garuda Indonesia "The World's Most Loved Airline"

As the results of the Skytrax review of the 420 airlines around the world

Garuda Indonesia

The airline that loved, you'd have to wonder what this is about, so that an airline can be loved by its customers, the air passengers.

These are still undergoing routes to Europe, the Middle East and Asia, including Japan, Korea, and Australia of course. As for the trip to America a new route will begin in 2017 as planned.

For customers, they are quite well known as one of the airlines that are known friendly to passengers, thus becoming one of the airlines that are the concern of Skytrax, known as a regular consultant to analyze reviews and ratings of the airline.

Since last August, citing the article on the site KompasTravel, December 9, Skytrax has given an assessment to 420 airlines around the world, and then issued a list of the 80 airlines that are in the best ratings of the survey 4.5 million consumers worldwide.

According to a statement from Edward Plaisted, CEO of Skytrax, when giving the award in Jakarta, December 8, that they put the eight categories for the airline in the world, making it easier to decide which airlines are worthy of the best ratings.

Eight categories will net the airline got a review from a customer, according to Plaisted is seating comfort, service when flying, food, the entertainment feature, the availability of WiFi, service airline at the airport, the ticket price is appropriate, and the last is a testimony directly by passengers.

"There are eight categories of why the airline Garuda Indonesia can award the most beloved. Every review published our check back, of passenger boarding passes. We provide a review of the most authentic and represent."

From various other reviews, it is the attention of passengers and customers become a benchmark assessment, M Arif Wibowo, Garuda CEO told employees is the key to success earned this title.

"We have communicated to the employee values the sincerity or sincere. Sincerity to serve, and its products will continue to improve."

Unexpected by many about this, Garuda Indonesia achieve the level of customer satisfaction reached 85 percent.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Skytrax
Image: Garuda Indonesia


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