Delligatti in Memories, Fans Eat the “Big Mac”

A total of 28,984 Big Mac burgers eaten by his fans, Don Gorske

Big Mac - Image credit McDonald's

Big Mac is already sized apparently still does not yet enough for Don Gorske, a huge fan of Michael 'Jim' Delligatti, the creator known layered burger in fast food restaurants McDonald's.

That's how the various fans in making memories, I guarantee that will work hard stomach when the crush and grind every part of the burger.

Acids and enzymes in the stomach will continue the digestive process food into paste form, then moves into the small intestine, before the process of protein digestion begins.

Burger much do queues regularly enters the oral cavity, he was eating Big Mac as much as 28.984 burgers, on Wednesday, last November 30th.

Citing the sites of CNN Indonesia, Jim passed away on Monday, November 28th at his home in suburban of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, at the age of 98 years.

Of course this is a sad news for Don Gorske, because for four decades, he became a McD customer and the Big Macs, and has been doing routine every Wednesday, he took a 63-year Big Mac in the refrigerator, then warmed in the microwave.

A fan of always doing the unexpected, he takes the burger since since 1972 for 44 years, and according to his confession, that until now his diet as a whole, or about 90 percent is consumed Big Mac.

As said by Don, an 1.87 m tall man on the site Patch, "It's the best food I've ever eaten a lifetime."

Don was dreaming of a record in the Guinness World Records, but until the time of the “Jim”’s death, the achievement record is not final, despite he was not too concerned about the record.

He is not worried for the achievement of another person by the Guinness World when eating a Big Mac for the achievement of a record, "They will experience obsessive compulsive when it does not take another 44 years."

As a fan, he does not advise others to follow his diet, because of health concerns, such as heart attacks.

He was never spared from a heart attack, because the diligent exercise. "I burned a lot of energy every day, so no matter how much calories I eat," he said.

The story of the Don, a Big Mac fan who later was feeling lost with the death of the "Jim", even he loves Big Macs than Mary, his wife.

Although he had never met his idol, except via telephone in a radio show in Chicago 2007, but he said "Jim" was a nice guy. Extraordinary!

Source: V Probo - CNN Indonesia, Patch
Image: McDonald's Burger


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