2027 Prepare for Trip to the Moon

Naveen Jain open travel to the moon by spaceship

Moon setting over Mountains, High Desert, California - Image credit Jessie Eastland

World billionaires may be quite a lot in this world, but who have unique ideas may be numbered, and this time the Moon Express company was founded by Jain in 2010 will embody the ideas to the Moon.

This is the best time for many of mankind are so far only able to see the moon from a distance, perhaps even you ever dreamed? Believe me, according to excerpts articles on sites TravelKompas, today, it may someday be realized by someone who has excess funds, someone who is willing to share.

Another article in the sites Telegraph, Sunday, December 4, wrote about the departure of humans to the Moon, Moon Express is the only private company that granted a travel permit in the Earth's orbit and the moon.

Jain has been seeking work and intentions long ago, even the next year, 2017, the company will begin to send a spaceship into orbit in order to prepare an anti-mainstream travel. It seems that they are really serious, and invite others to participate study the solar system.

"(This tour is to learn) outside our planetary system and learn how to live elsewhere. Previously this was only possible by having extraordinary powers."

If he's serious, then do not be surprised if required huge funds, he prepares a hefty aircraft to be used in space spent approximately US$ 5 million. The fund continues to grow in the next five years, Naveen also spent US$ 2 million for various equipment required.

Well, the time required by tourists heading to 2017 shortly, according to Naveen Jain, ticket traveled from Earth to the Moon will be priced US$ 10,000.

As noted in the article, that you and other travelers can compare the sensation of excitement of a journey on planet Earth, for example, from San Francisco to Sydney to spend time traveling for 14 hours.

Space traveling will be very busy in the future, such as the plan of Sir Richard Branson with the Virgin Galactic flights, Bloon, World View Enterprises, then Elon Musk with SpaceX, it is natural that tourists consider the plan a trip there.

"The Truth is Out There", said a film series on television, one day.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Telegraph
Image: Jessie Eastland via Wikipedia


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